Apartment Specifications

At the gateway to the city of Hevron, on the main route leading to the Tomb of the Patriarchs and in the heart of Jewish life in Hevron, lies the Beit Hashalom neighborhood. It’s just a five-minute walk from the Tomb of the Patriarchs, as well as a five-minute walk in the other direction to the city of Kiryat Arba, with its various services – stores, shopping centers and supermarkets, extensive school system, bank, library and more.

The Apartments

The apartment plans include a designer security front door, top quality interior doors, granite and porcelain flooring, sandwich-wood kitchen with Caesarstone countertops, tiled walls in the bathrooms, wall-hung toilets with concealed cisterns, designer faucets, double-glass aluminum frame windows, solar water heaters, three-phase electric power systems, a Shabbat timer and more.

In addition, each apartment comes with a parking space, a multi-purpose space that may be used by the homeowners, and there will be a green rooftop garden and an elevator for the building.

Plans and Prices

3 room apartment plan – click here to view

4 room apartment plan – click here to view

5 room apartment plan – click here to view

*Renovation of the building and construction of the apartments will be done using Israeli laborers only.

** Apartment prices include, aside from the cost of the apartment and its renovation, payments for electrical, water and plumbing infrastructures that are usually funded by the local authorities.


The holder of the building and entity entitled to register is a company by the name of Tal. It does not have its own rights, but is rather a trustee for Morris.

Buyers will receive rights from Morris and after the registration process with the Israeli Tabu (Land Registry) under Tal’s name, it will be possible to register each individual apartment under the name of its owner, like any other apartment building.

An Apartment to Live in or as an Investment

Beit Hashalom presents a rare opportunity to purchase apartments in Hevron.

Since the great massacre in 1929, Jews have barely had the opportunity to buy their own apartment near the Tomb of the Patriarchs, with the exception of a small number of homes that were put up for sale in the Jewish Quarter in the mid-1980s.

This is your opportunity to give yourself and your family the privilege of purchasing a home in the city of Hevron.


Apartment as a Residence – Financing Options

Mortgages – The apartments in Beit Hashalom cannot be mortgaged with a regular mortgage plan from the bank. This is because the building is not registered in the Tabu. (Mortgages are only granted after a property is registered in the Tabu.) Beit Hashalom was in fact legally registered at a district court, which is parallel to registration in the Tabu. However, the registration with the Civil Administration, which is procedural only, takes many years, which is why the building is not yet registered.

Extension of a mortgage – In order to obtain assistance in financing the apartment, it is possible to mortgage another property owned by the buyer or by a first-degree relative. The mortgage granted will be for the property that has been mortgaged, but the money can be used for to pay for for the apartment in Beit Hashalom.

Discount – The first four buyers will benefit from an approximately 12% discount off of the listed apartment prices.

Apartment as an Investment

Due to the political reality in Israel, expansion of the Jewish presence in Hevron has not been permitted for years – not with new construction or by returning to the Jewish homes that lay abandoned since the 1929 massacre. This created a serious housing crisis in Hevron; couples and families interested in living in the city were left without any options whatsoever, and the Jewish population could not develop or grow.

When you buy an apartment in Beit Hashalom as an investment, renting it to families interested in living in Hevron is quick and easy.

Investing your money in an apartment in Beit Hashalom yields returns of 2% on the investment (double the profit you would receive today from the bank…)

If you too would like to be part of the land of the forefathers

If you too would like to be part of the rich history of the city of the forefathers

If you too would like to be involved in the renewal of Jewish life in the heart of Hevron

If you too understand that Hevron of tomorrow depends on what takes place there today

If you too understand this rare historic opportunity to purchase a home near the Tomb of the Patriarchs

The time is now – Come buy an apartment in Beit Hashalom.

Harchivi Makom Ohalech is dedicated to redeeming homes throughout the city of Hevron, following in the footsteps of our forefather Abraham, with the goal of expanding the Jewish presence in Hevron and creating a Jewish continuum connecting the Tomb of the Patriarchs with the various Jewish neighborhoods in Kiryat Arba-Hevron.

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